Attack on Titan Is Making Armin More Important Than Ever Before

Attack on Titan has always revolved around Eren whether fans liked it or not. These days, netizens have grown away from the protagonist in favor of his childhood friend Armin, and that has been by design. The final arc of Attack on Titan's manga has put an intentional focus on the boy, and the story's new update just made Armin more important than ever.

So you have been warned! There are more spoilers for Attack on Titan chapter 132 below! Please proceed with extreme caution:

For fans caught up with the manga, you may be wondering what's next for the series in light of its latest update. A major death shook our surviving heroes has Hange sacrificed her life to ensure the others reached Marley. Everyone else is ready to undertake a suicide mission to stop Eren from culling all of humanity, and Armin has become the star of the whole attraction.

Attack On Titan Armin New World
(Photo: Wit Studio)

In chapter 132, Armin took a personal blow when he learned Annie would not be joining the group on their crusade against Eren. The manga hasn't been shy about the two and their hidden feelings for one another. It is clear Annie likes the boy, but she is unable to bid him farewell as the team prepares to board their plane to Marley. But if all goes well, Armin may survive his encounter with Eren to reunite with Annie should she avoid any rogue fire.

The most important shift in Armin's status comes courtesy of Reiner and Hange. The Armored Titan tells Armin directly he's the only option left to stop Eren. The burly soldier, who Armin once revered, has turned things around on the boy. It is now Armin who holds humanity's final hope, and you can see how heavy that burden sits on the boy.

And to make things worse, Armin has become the highest-ranking military officer within Paradis' forces. Hange promoted the soldier to the 15th Commander before she sacrificed her life. Armin even outranks Levi now, and she tells Armin he's the best suited for the gig. After all, Armin refuses to give up, and that tenacity will be needed to persuade Eren from his path... or to kill him.

There is no denying that the cards are stacking against Armin, but fans are not sure in which direction. Things look bleak for everyone in Attack on Titan, so any death is expected at this point. But if Armin were to die, it seems the manga would end in flames with Eren fulfilling a mission more monstrous than any Marley ever dared dream.


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