Attack on Titan Shares Mikasa's Emotional Plea to Eren

Attack on Titan has been a wild ride since day one, and that has not changed at all in its endgame. Things are only getting more intense as the story's end draws nearer. All eyes are on Eren and the Survey Corps as they race to end the suffering of humanity in their respective ways. And in a recent update, fans watched as Mikasa begged Eren to rejoin her and leave his current scheme behind.

For fans who are caught up with Attack on Titan, they will know what is up. The manga recently released chapter 133 where it checked in on our heroes as they chased down Eren. The former hero disavowed his former friends to initiate a global genocide in hopes of protecting Paradis. Of course, this monstrous decision has already killed thousands, and Mikasa is desperate for Eren to change his mind before they are forced to kill him.

attack on titna
(Photo: Kodansha)

"I want to share your burden. I committed the same crimes as you so please stop ignoring us. Please come back," Mikasa tells Eren when she is briefly reunited with her childhood friend in chapter 133.

The two come together along with the survivors of the Survey Corps after Eren puts out a hand. The group is thrown into the mental scape of the Founding Titan where Zeke and Eren were thrown so long ago. Now, the latter is in charge of the whole thing, and Eren's friends desperately called out to their friend. Mikasa was one of the last to send him a message, and hers was delivered through tears.


But in the end, Eren told his friends he will not stray from his mission. They are free to kill him just as he is free to declare war on the world. This haunting message leaves Mikasa in tears as Eren stresses the only way to stop him is to kill him. Mikasa never wanted to hear her friend say that, and when push comes to shove, killing Eren might just kill her too.

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