Attack on Titan Fans Split as New Petition Pleads for an Alternate Ending

It might sound crazy, but there are still some fans who don't know all about Attack on Titan's ending and the controversy that came with it. Earlier this spring, fans said farewell to the series as its manga closed with chapter 139. As you can imagine, expectations were high for the finale, and most fans admit they saw the ending coming a mile away. But still, there are fans feeling let down by the finale, and the Attack on Titan fandom is rumbling as pleas for an alternate ending have hit the Internet.

The whole thing came to light when netizens hit up Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit in the wake of chapter 139. Following the immediate fallout, some fans banded together to plead Hajime Isayama for a new ending. The finale's loose ends were too much to bear for some fans, but other fans on social media quickly came to the Attack on Titan's defense.

attack on titan
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As noted by user DarkCowl1, it is entirely possible to accept a story's ending even if it does not appeal to you. "I didn't really enjoy the ending but that doesn't mean I'm going to demand anything from the author," they wrote.

"yeah lol, the ending was meh. Idk why people think it ruins the show bc it doesnt," user swaglordsoi added.

"I think the ending was exactly as Isayama intended it to be. It hurt me, and still hurts almost 2 weeks after reading it. But it was beautiful and made me really feel for Eren and Mikasa. It was tragic but kinda sweet at the same time, and I'll remember it for the rest of my life," AProgrammer06 said later in a thread focused on the finale. As you can see, the ending did sit well enough with fans even if they did not love how it went down. Isayama concluded Attack on Titan much like fans expected, and its bleak undertones are nothing to protest about.


Still, that hasn't changed the minds of scorned fans. A petition on asking for an alternate ending has nearly nabbed 7,300 signatures at the time of this article's publication. But if you expect anything to come from it - well, don't hold your breath.

What do you think of this latest debacle? Did Attack on Titan drop the ball with its ending or nail it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.