Attack on Titan to Add New Pages to Final Chapter

If you did not know, Attack on Titan came to an end earlier this spring, and the finale is still making waves with fans. The ending was wholly expected by some while others admit they were taken by surprise after reading chapter 139. Of course, there is a lot to break down with the finale still, but it seems Attack on Titan is not quite done with the ending. After all, some new pages are going to be added to chapter 139, but it might take a while before they hit stateside.

The update comes from Kodansha as translators shared the good news from the publisher's latest magazine. It was there the company confirmed the final volume of Attack on Titan will include some never-before-seen pages. The additional pages were not included in the first printing of chapter 139, but they can be found in volume 34 when it goes live.

Of course, this update means the extra pages will debut in Japan ahead of America. After all, manga volumes do still have long waits when it comes to translation. If Attack on Titan volume 34 debuts in Japan this summer, it might be winter or later until fans stateside can check out the volume in English.

If you want to catch up on Attack on Titan before this final volume goes live, there are several ways to check out the manga. Crunchyroll has access to the entire manga digitally, but you must be a premium subscriber to check out the library. You can also buy individual chapters on Comixology if you're looking to expand your digital collection!


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