Attack on Titan: Reiner Shares an Intriguing Theory About Eren

Attack on Titan has been amping things up with its manga for a while, and things aren't about to slow down in that arena. Creator Hajime Isayama Haas keeps fans on edge with each chapter, so readers were game to check out the most recent release. It was there fans reunited with the Survey Corps as they journeyed to find Eren, and Reiner got the whole crew buzzing when he shared his theory about the boy.

After all, Eren has taken a shocking turn as of late. The former hero has turned tail to the dark side as he's hellbent on global genocide. He is willing to cull humanity in order to protect Paradis, and that horrific idea hasn't set well with fans. It isn't favorable with Eren's old friends either, but Reiner thinks there is more to the situation than they see.

Attack On Titan Reiner
(Photo: Studio Wit)

"I think I understand Eren. Maybe Eren wants us to stop him," Reiner said before Armin signals his agreement. Eren's childhood friend has been curious as to why they haven't been stopped. Eren has control over the Power Titans, but he hasn't kept them from retaliating. Reiner and Armin believe Eren isn't fighting back directly because he wants to be stopped.

"Even he must be hurting. No one can fathom global genocide, at least not me. Now he might want to pass the Founder. If he could, he would want it all to end by someone," the Armored Titan shared.


By the end of Attack on Titan chapter 133, it seems like Reiner's theory was confirmed when Eren told his friends they would have to kill him to cull his plans. This revelation was heartbreaking for Mikasa and Armin while the rest wondered how Eren fell so far from them. Now, it seems their clash is destined to end in death, and Reiner could be the one to take Eren out of his misery.

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