'Attack on Titan' Creator Hints How Long The Series Will Go

It took a few years, but Attack on Titan finally reached a big manga milestone this winter. The series published its 100th chapter to critical fanfare, and Attack on Titan is still going. However, fans are a bit antsy to learn if the manga's end is in sight, so Hajime Isayama is helping ease those readers.

Recently, the artist took to his blog to share his end-of-years thoughts with fans. Isayama shared his top ten movie list before thanking his readers for keeping up with Attack on Titan.

"Thanks to everyone, [Attack on Titan] reached 100 chapters this year," Suniuz translated. "Thank you very much for [reading] until now! I wish you can follow this manga until the end of its story which will come as soon as possible."

Isayama carried on in his post to address on-going rumors about the manga's end. The artist said he is often asked whether Attack on Titan has been deliberately drawn out.

"I know there is an impression like that, but to me, in fact I don't think particularly in that way," Isayama wrote.

"If you ask me whether it is true, I'd rather say, 'If it gets stretched, isn't it very bad to the whole sense [of the story's completeness]?' I fear things like that will happen."

Wrapping his note, Isayama said he thinks it is best to keep Attack on Titan's length short. However, he did say his best intentions are not always met as implementing his ideas can make the manga even longer.


Earlier this year, fans began buzzing about Attack on Titan's expiration date after Isayama did an interview with Bessatsu Shonen. Back in July, the artist explained he had been putting thought into its finale, and the series' editor also made comments about its drawn-out length. The creator has confirmed he wants Attack on Titan to finish concisely, but there is no set date for the manga's end. So, for now, fans can continue enjoying the acclaimed series without any fear.

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