Attack on Titan Ending Inspires a Heartbreaking Your Name Crossover

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest series to ever come from Japan, and its ending is still making waves on social media. As its final season prepares for its 2022 comeback, the manga's finale continues to spark conversations and tributes from fans. Now, one artist has decided to go for an emotional blow with a Your Name crossover, and it will make the most hard-hearted cry.

Over on Twitter, the artist _sweetspicy_ posted their take on the finale. It was there fans got a taste of how Attack on Titan might have ended if it were up to Makoto Shinkai. After all, the director's take on Your Name is distinctive, and it prompted all the tears from fans.

As you can see above, the makeover brings Eren and Mikasa into the world of Your Name. If you know how Attack on Titan ends, this crossover hits something fierce. Eren is shown as an older guy asking a young woman if they've met before. You can see the heroine is Mikasa as she is wearing Eren's scarf, so this timeline is an emotional one in every way.

This is only made worse when you think of how Attack on Titan ended. The manga closed with Mikasa living on her own following the death of Eren. She was forced to kill her childhood friend after he was unable to stray from his genocidal course. After killing about 80% of humanity, Mikasa managed to end the Eldian Curse by killing Eren, and she lives alone with his memory. The final chapter implies the boy has been reborn as a bird, so it is clear reincarnation is real here. And if you will it, maybe Eren and Mikasa will get their happy ending in Shinkai's universe someday.

Of course, Shinkai does have his own thing for sad endings. Your Name is a slice-of-life romance that follows two time-crossed lovers amidst an emotional journey. While they both make it out alive in the end, the pair are forced to grow up without one another before reuniting in a cliffhanger ending. Shinkai's work on Weathering With You is similarly angsty, but that aesthetic suits Eren no matter how you slice it. So long as he can end up with Mikasa, we'll be happy, so we certainly give our approval to this gorgeous crossover!

What do you think of this Attack on Titan crossover? Do think this Your Name mash-up works or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.