Attack on Titan Induces One Heroine's Labor at Last

Attack on Titan is making a march towards its finale, and fans are keeping a close eye on the manga as such. The anime isn't planning to make a return until this December, but the manga is putting out chapters each month. And with the series about 98% finished at this point, fans just got a major update on one heroine who has entered labor after a difficult pregnancy.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for Attack on Titan chapter 134. You have been warned...!


If you are keeping up with the manga, then you will know how this update began. The new chapter opens up with a shot of Historia as the young woman goes into labor. The ruler of Paradis announced their pregnancy in a previous chapter as fans learned she was having a baby to secure the island's security. And after nine long months, it seems she is ready to bring her child into the world.

The update is short as no one speaks during the check-in, but Historia is shown screaming in pain. The girl is crying as she grips on to two reigns while undergoing active labor. Nurses are shown surrounding Historia during the birthing while a man is seen praying in the background. And while she is pushing, two soldiers are shown standing outside the door with guns in hand.

As you can imagine, this moment is a difficult one for Historia, and it is made worse when you remember the girl didn't want to have a child. She is having a baby to keep her home safe, but the whole world is in danger given the ongoing rumbling. The queen seems safe for now given Eren's focus on the outside world, but there is no telling what's in store for Historia and her newborn child.


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