Attack On Titan Reveals The Terrifying Plan Of The "Jaegerists"

Attack On Titan has turned friend from foe, and a new group calling themselves the "Jaegerists" are all on board for getting some much desired revenge against the nation of Marley with a plan that threatens to eat the entire world. With a new Survey Corps looking to save the planet from these soldiers with new allegiances, the latest installment of the manga shows us just how far this group of Eldians are looking to go in order to create a world that many of them have been seeking since the beginning of the franchise!

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 128 of Attack On Titan, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for both the manga itself but the upcoming fourth and final season of the anime!

With the new version of the Survey Corps bringing together soldiers from within the ranks of both Eldia and Marley, Armin, Mikasa and the other protagonists find themselves in a terrible predicament where they will have to fight against their former friends. The "Jaegerists" are members of the Eldian race that have decided to join in Eren Jaeger's cause in eradication anyone that isn't a part of their people and they're unleashing a torrent of attacks and plans to make sure it goes off without a hitch!

As Armin and Connie attempt to steal an airship to get to Eren in order to stop his genocidal plan from happening, Hange is able to piece together that the "Jaegerists" are keeping the airships around so that they can escape to, or perhaps dominate, a new continent. This is definitely a "break glass in case of emergency" plan as Eren is currently making it so that all of the Titans are under his control, with the unleashed power of these giant figures already destroying numerous towns in the northern region of Marley!


With Eldians like Floch taking the opportunity to eliminate Marleyians with glee, the Survey Corps is storming the dock in order to get the airship and make their way to their former friend who is now harboring the power of the First Titan!

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