Attack On Titan Welcomes The Fall With Mikasa Art

The fourth and final season of Attack On Titan is set to arrive later this year, with the final story of the war between Marley and Eldia beginning this December, and the franchise has recently got fan art to help welcome in the fall as we wait to see how the story of the Survey Corps will come to an end. The upcoming season of the anime is set to focus a lot on Mikasa, the life long friend to both Eren and Mikasa, thanks to the terrifying events that will take place as the war rages forward!

Fans were taken aback when they were introduced to the new look that Mikasa is sporting during the fourth season, as the Survey Corps finally begins to take the war to Marley, which has been tormenting the Eldian people for countless years. Mikasa has clearly earned her place as one of the strongest soldiers in the Survey Corps roster, taking down a number of Titans while strapping on the maneuver gear that the franchise has made so popular among anime fans! The fourth season will introduce a familiar and heart breaking threat that will thrust Mikasa into a new position within the Corps, presenting a conflict that won't be easily defeated.

Twitter Artist Infi_MT shared this cute fan art that imagines Mikasa putting down her swords and picking up a rake in order to clear away some of the dry leaves that are trademark of the fall season, showing off a scene that the members of the Corps are rarely able to enjoy:

Mikasa has had to perform a lot of morally difficult actions, as most of her friends have had to follow suit throughout the franchise, but season four will definitely throw her for a loop when it comes to the "ultimate villain" that she will have to face. While the manga is continuing to tell the final moments of the long running franchise, the anime is being brought back to life by newcomers in Studio MAPPA and a recent trailer showed that the team responsible for the upcoming anime Jujutsu Kaisen is up to the task!

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