Attack on Titan Releases Official Episode 82 Synopsis

Attack on Titan season four has big plans for fans yet, you see. The show might be halfway finished with its final season, but Eren has a lot to prove before MAPPA closes the anime. After all, the lead has made some decisions fans don't agree with, and one of his latest choices freed a foe from long ago. And now, a synopsis for episode 82 is here to tease fans about what's coming next.

The update was shared over on the official website for Attack on Titan. It was there fans were shown a special peek at episode 82, and the blurb for "Sunset" can be read below:

"In the midst of people's confusion, someone who was once a friend and an enemy wakes up. Time that had stopped is now moving again, and everything has changed. When that happens, the choice is..."

If you are caught up with Attack on Titan, then you know who this face from the past is. Episode 81 ended with a huge cliffhanger as Annie Leonhart escaped her prison. Just as Reiner lost his ability to harden thanks to Eren, the same happened to the Female Titan. Her crystal cocoon was obliterated, and her prison is now gone. With Annie back amongst the living, fans will get to see how she handles life these days. A lot has happened since season one, and some of Annie's best friends aren't how she remembers. Now, she must choose which side of the war to fight for, and we have a feeling Annie has no plans on teaming with Eren.

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