Attack on Titan Releases Episode 85 Synopsis

Attack on Titan season four is nearing its end, and that means the hype behind the hit series has never been higher. This season will bring the entire anime to an end, and obviously, things are going wild right now thanks to Eren. The hero is no longer the person fans once knew, and the official synopsis for episode 85 is making that loud and clear.

The blurb went live not long ago over on Attack on Titan's official website. It was there fans were shown a still of the episode, and the blurb for "Traitor" can be read below:

"To save the world, Eren must be stopped. Those who decide to [stop him] are confronted by their former comrades. They fight with the desire to not let anyone else die."

As you can see, this synopsis doesn't give much away, but it does make one fact clear. Eren is heading down a path that will destroy the world, and the only way to save it is to stop him. Mikasa was able to admit as much to herself in episode 84, and Levi is teaming his troops with some rather unlikely help to confront Eren. Paradis and Marley are working together to track down Eren as he leads The Rumbling overseas to trample all of humanity. So yes, that does mean Reiner and Annie are working with the Survey Corps once again.

If you are eager to check out this episode, Attack on Titan debuts its new episodes each Sunday. Season four is expected to wrap later this month though a surprise announcement at Anime Japan could derail the schedule. But once this season wraps, Attack on Titan will have finally reached its end. 


What do you make of this all-new synopsis? Are you keeping up with Attack on Titan season four? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.