Attack on Titan Unleashes Eren's Shocking Secret Power

Attack on Titan has spent over a decade with Eren, and fans feel like they know the guy pretty well. That has all started to change in season four, and it isn't hard to see why if you are caught up on the show. Eren has turned his back on everything he loves, and his latest decisions have plunged the world into war. And now, we just found out Eren has been keeping one of his powers secret from the world.   

The whole thing was spelled out for fans in episode 79 of Attack on Titan. Fans checked in on Eren during the episode as Zeke and he went through Grisha's memory. It was there fans watched as Eren took control of his fate for better or worse by convincing his dad to kill the Reiss family. The memory ended with Eren confirming his secret power as the Attack Titan, and it allows him to see into the future.

Well, for the most part, that is. His scope of knowledge is limited by the Attack Titan's future inheritors, but Eren believes he knows enough about the future to justify his radical decisions as of late.

According to Eren and Grisha, the Attack Titan carries memories of its former and future users. This allowed Grisha to see into the future thanks to Eren who showed his father the Rumbling and the fall of Wall Maria. Eren was also shown visions of the future but from himself as he knew he would need to manipulate Zeke to access the Coordinate. So through these flash-forwards, Eren opted to do some dark things to make sure his visions came true.

Now, fans are left to wonder what else Eren has seen and whether his means will justify any sort of end. The boy has betrayed his closest friends and disavowed Mikasa in his bid for freedom. It seems he is now courting Ymir to unlock her powers for his cause, but his mission is still fuzzy to audiences. But if you have read the Attack on Titan manga, well – you know things are only about to get worse for humanity from here on out.

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