Attack On Titan Flashbacks Pit WIT Studio's Work Against MAPPA

Attack On Titan's final season has thrown a major monkey wrench into the battle between the soldiers of Paradis and the forces of Marley, with Eren and Zeke having the opportunity to travel through time and revisit some of the biggest moments of their father's life. As the walk through Grisha's life takes us back to the early days of the series, specifically Attack On Titan's first season, fans are able to compare and contrast the work of Studio MAPPA with the recent season as well as the work put in by Studio Wit in season one.

Wit Studio, as mentioned earlier, created the first three seasons of Attack On Titan, often taking years to complete each entry of the anime adaptation. For the final season, MAPPA was the new kid in town working on the series, leaving many fans to wonder if the animation studio would be able to hit the same levels as quality as their predecessors. While their style is certainly different, fans have warmed up to the animation of MAPPA, who have been bringing to life the wild Titan battles as well as quieter moments throughout the franchise. Needless to say, the side-by-side comparisons are a treat for those who have been following along with the series since the very start.

Twitter Users AOTJewels and AOTShots took the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison of the work by Studio MAPPA and Wit Studio on Attack On Titan, with things changing decisively for the final season for both the members of the Scout Regiment and the forces of the nation of Marley: 

The fourth and final season only has a few episodes left before the series apparently comes to a close, though many fans believe that this doesn't leave the series enough time to adapt all the major events of the manga. With the first half of season four, MAPPA waiting until the final episode to reveal that the show would be returning for a second half, leaving fans to wonder if there will be a part three or if the series might be coming to a close via a feature-length film. 


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