Attack on Titan Creator Regrets Passing On a Cute Eren-Mikasa Scene

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest series to come from Japan, and it all started under the watch of Hajime Isayama. The artist launched the series over a decade ago, and the manga came to a close earlier this year. Now, it seems new details about the finale went live online courtesy of Isayama, and the artist does have one regret about Eren.

The whole revelation came to light when Isayama's interview hit up Twitter thanks to translator vincykasa. It was there the fan explained what the artist said about the finale, and it turns out Isayama does regret not letting Mikasa and Eren kiss back in chapter 50.

Attack On Titan Cosplay Mikasa
(Photo: Wit Studio)

According to the blurb, all of Attack on Titan's editors thought Mikasa and Eren were going to kiss in chapter 50 after the two had their scarf scene. However, Isayama felt way too embarrassed to make that happen. The artist said he felt unable to draw the kiss or handle the emotional fallout of the moment.

Looking back, Isayama admits he feels unhappy with that decision. The Attack on Titan artist says he wishes he had been braver to confront the emotions at that moment. He also says Mikasa definitely wanted that kiss, so he feels guilty for keeping it from her.

Clearly, Isayama is on board with the romance between Eren and Mikasa, but Attack on Titan could not let it blossom. Eren had his story arc set in stone from the manga's beginning, so he was always going to go rogue. Mikasa was always going to be heartbroken over the boy, and that is just a fact. But even in the couple's greatest moment of hope, Isayama still felt Eren and Mikasa couldn't (or shouldn't) connect.


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