Attack On Titan Slips In Insane Pennywise Appearance

Attack On Titan might be closing in on the final chapter of the Survey Corps, but that clearly isn't stopping Hajime Isayama from having fun with the dark adventures of Eren Jaeger and his former friends, as the mangaka has slipped in an easter egg that one keen eyed fan managed to catch that introduces the Stephen King creation of Pennywise to the franchise! With Eren Jaeger unleashing the "Rumbling" in order to accomplish his "Euthanasia Plan", it seems that not even the killer clown of Derry can escape the fate that took the lives of so many!

Stephen King's It recently saw a resurgence thanks in part to the feature length films released by Warner Bros, giving us a brand new take on Pennywise and the children that he was tormenting throughout the terrifying tale of Derry. While there hasn't been any word about a possible third movie, with the first two films covering the entirety of the novel that looked at "The Losers" from their childhood to their adult years, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the series received a new movie based on the popularity of Pennywise. It will definitely be interesting to see if this Pennywise cameo makes its way into the final season of the anime being produced by Studio MAPPA!

Twitter User SnowLSYt was able to discover the Pennywise cameo that was buried within the wall of civilians that are meeting their ultimate fate at the hands of the "Rumbling", the wall of Titans that was unleashed upon the world by Eren Jaeger following his acquisition of the Founding Titan's powers:

In the latest chapter of the manga, Attack On Titan is definitely throwing us into the final big fight of the series as all the players have assembled for one last brawl in a bid to stop Eren's plan from eliminating everyone in the world that doesn't have Eldian blood running through their veins. As Armin and Mikasa steel themselves for the confrontation with their former friend, it's clear that anything can happen before Attack On Titan's curtain call!


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