Attack On Titan: Eren Takes on War Hammer Titan in New Episode

Attack On Titan's anime has finally launched the counter-offensive by the Survey Corps and the Children of Ymir against the forces of Marley on their home turf, and with this new bloody affair, Eren Jaeger has found himself pitted against the power of the War Hammer Titan, the Tybur family's ace in the hole. With the identity of the War Hammer revealed and the Titan using powers the likes of which we've never seen before against the Attack Titan, the final season of Hajime Isayama's epic dark fantasy is wasting little time in showing that this battle is for keeps!

The latest episode of Attack On Titan gave us a front seat look into the devastation caused by Eren's use of the full power of the Attack Titan, interrupting the "declaration of war" given to the visitors of Marley by the head of the Tybur Family, Willy Tybur. With Willy being killed instantly by Eren, his younger sister was revealed to be the War Hammer Titan, unleashing some insane new powers that we haven't seen any Titan utilize before. Having the ability to generate weaponry from its very being such as the giant hammer and spikes, Eren proved that he wasn't spending the past four years resting on his laurels.

Attack On Titan War Hammer
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

The War Hammer Titan was different from every other Titan we've seen to date thanks in part to its ability to manifest not only weaponry but its very form separate from the one controlling it! The younger Tybur sibling encased herself within a crystalline cage, much like Annie did at the end of the first season of Attack On Titan years back, while still being able to control the War Hammer and unleash a flurry of attacks on Eren Jaeger in a bid to get vengeance for the death of her brother.

As those who watched the episode know, Eren was able to figure out the War Hammer Titan's "trick" fairly quickly, detaching the Tybur family member from her connection with her Titan. Eren however was interrupted by the Jaw Titan before he could devour the War Hammer and add its power to his own, but he has some much-needed backup in the form of the Survey Corps, who have descended upon Marley to get their revenge for the horrors that the country has unleashed upon them for so long.

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