Attack on Titan Season 4 Shows Off Killer Art for New Episode

Attack on Titan shows off killer art for the newest episode of the fourth and final season! The final season of the anime had started out with a slow burn as it was initially focused on bringing attention to new characters introduced on the other side of the conflict in the country of Marley. Things began to shift in a new direction, however, with the cliffhanger from the previous episode of the series that saw Eren declare war on Marley by transforming in a densely populated area. Now his Attack Titan is out in full force, and the final season will be speeding toward its finale.

To celebrate this massive new shift with Episode 65 of the series, Attack on Titan animator Takayuki Sano illustrated a new sketch featuring the Attack Titan and newly revealed War Hammer Titan. Both of these Titans come to blows with the newest episode of the series, and this illustration shared on the series' official Twitter account is a great tease of the action packed episode we just witnessed. Check it out below:

Although there are many things to celebrate in Attack on Titan's newest episode like the return of fan favorites like Mikasa, Levi and more as they made their way to Marley, much of this celebration is carrying a tinge of darkness as Eren and the Survey Corps are undoubtedly the invading force this time. Marleayan civilians were caught in the middle of this first battle, and that's likely to weigh on our favorites even more as the series continues.

It was made clear that each of them had grown up significantly since we last saw them at the end of the third season, but that also means this war will take a more mature shape as well. But what did you think of Attack on Titan's newest episode? Ready to see the series' final war play out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!