Avatar Reveals a Major Difference Between Aang and Kyoshi in New Book

Netflix has helped in bringing back the hype when it comes to the likes of Avatar The Last Airbender and its sequel, the Legend of Korra, placing both series onto the streaming service, but one story you won't find on the platform is the current prequel novel known as the Shadow of Kyoshi, which is a novel that shows us the main difference between Aang and his predecessor in Kyoshi. Kyoshi was one of the earlier Avatars, having grown up in the world of the Earth Kingdom but clearly having a much bigger "killer instinct" than either Aang or Korra.

In the novel of Shadow of Kyoshi, the second book that follows the story of the Earth Kingdom Avatar, Kyoshi is attempting to battle against the threat of Yun, a bender who believes that the current Avatar had stolen the power that was rightfully his. Throughout the story, Kyoshi is left wondering what she should do, placed into a very similar situation as Aang was battling against the lord of the Fire Nation, Ozai, but unlike the young protagonist of the Nickelodeon series, the Earth Bender wasn't afraid to unleash her power in a terrifying way.

Avatar Aang Kyoshi Difference
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With Kyoshi making up her mind as to how to end the battle, she uses water bending to freeze Yun's lungs and heart, putting an end to his threat to the world at large. Unlike Aang who had decided to take Ozai's ability to bend and place him into prison for the rest of his life, Kyoshi had not mastered that ability and had instead decided to put an end to Yun permanently in a terrible way.

Kyoshi and Aang have met a number of times throughout the animated series of Avatar The Last Airbender, with the young protagonist normally visiting her spirit and asking her for advice on some of the major issues that were facing both himself and the world at large. When Aang was debating what to do about the Fire Lord Ozai, Kyoshi informed him that the "right choice" was to kill the head of the Fire Nation in order to save the world and put a stop to his reign of terror.

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