Avatar Studios Is Making Moves with a New Job Post

In the last few years, Avatar: The Last Airbender has made a definite comeback, and all eyes are on the franchise to see what it can do. While Netflix works on a live-action adaptation over in Canada, the show's creators are teaming up against for some big moves. After all, Avatar Studios has been tasked to revive the IP with new projects, and a new job posting has caught the eyes of fans. 

The update comes from Twitter courtesy of Lauren Montgomery, a well-known producer and animation advocate in Hollywood. It was there the executive gave fans word on Avatar Studios, and it turns out her team is hiring character designers ASAP.

"Avatar Studios is looking for a highly adaptable, self-motivated Character Designer to join our team. The Designer will help conceptualize and develop the look of characters for the upcoming Feature and produce designs from early concepts to final model sheets," the job posting reads.

"The Character Designer should understand how to convey storytelling through character design, and have tight draftsmanship to match and further develop the existing art styles of the Avatar/Legend of Korra series. Their designs should resonate and help enhance storytelling by developing the look, costuming, personality, and feel of the characters."

The full-time position is looking to bring in artists who have a love for Avatar, anime, and all things animation. As you can imagine, finding a character designer isn't easy work, but it must be done. A good designer is key to getting projects off the ground, and Montgomery is one of several working to liven Avatar: The Last Airbender at ViacomCBS. So if you think you have what it takes to apply, you can find all of the application details here.

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