Here’s How 'Dragon Ball' Fans Can Fly And Fight Like Goku

The last few days have been good to Dragon Ball fans. First we got a complete Dragon Ball Z set on Blu-ray, and now we've learned that you can fulfill you dream of flying and fighting like Goku. Well, sort of.

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(Photo: Bandai)

Premium Bandai has unveiled two very fun products for Dragon Ball fans. First up is this Flying Nimbus cushion which measures a whopping 39 inches in length. It's not ideal for flying perhaps, but it is perfect for cosplay and naps. In fact, you might be able to integrate it with a "hoverboard" to achieve the floating effect that we've seen with several Goku cosplays in the past. Currently, the Flying Nimbus cushion is available to pre-order from Bandai for 8,000 yen, or around $71, with shipment slated for March. Unfortunately, it isn't available outside of Japan, though we suspect eBay will fill the void sometime after the release date.

Next we have this electronic Kamehameha Ball, which is equipped with touch sensors that allow you to activate lights and more than 60 phrases and 30 sounds. According to SN24, the ball has three modes: Kamehameha, Kidan, and Spirit Bomb that can only be activated using the proper technique. For example, you'll have to hold the Kamehameha pose properly, and not charge it too long lest the energy you charge up fizzles out. When ready to fire, you must thrust your hands out which will result in an explosion effect. Thankfully, a wrist strap helps to keep the ball secure. The amusing video below shows the Kamehameha Ball in action.


The Kamehameha Ball is also available via Bandai for 4,104 yen, or $37, but fans in the U.S. can already get it from several sellers on eBay. Your next best option is to grab the previous Kamehameha shooter from Bandai, which is readily available and inexpensive. It's not quite as good as the new version, but still a lot better than homemade alternatives. All you need now is a Goku costume or hoodie to bring it all together.