Berserk Fan Celebrates Perfect Bloody Easter

Perhaps there is no object more striking throughout the bloody anime series of Berserk than the Behelit, an item that allows human beings to become demons by sacrificing what is most dear to them, and one fan decided to incorporate the cursed amulet into their Easter celebrations. With Guts, the Black Swordsman and protagonist of the epic franchise, on the hunt for these objects in order to get his revenge against Griffith and the God Hand, it's both hilarious and disturbing to see an Easter Egg fashioned after one of these portal between the mortal realm and the world of the supernatural!

Berserk's manga has suffered a series of delays between chapters, but that hasn't stopped fans from passionately following the series in both its original format and through a series of anime movies and television shows. The Behelit itself has brought nothing but ruin and horror to the world of mankind throughout the story of the franchise, with Griffith, the former leader of the Band of the Hawk, being given the "Egg of the King". This Behelit that was wrapped around Griffith's neck throughout the franchise guaranteed the "white hawk" a place on the throne among the God Hand, the supernatural rulers of the underworld.

Reddit Artist DevourerOfMemes shared this striking visual of an Easter Egg painted as if it were a Behelit, making for one bloody Easter celebration that is sure to turn the heads of fans of Kentaro Miura's bloody epic that has been running in manga format since the 1980's:

Beherit Easter Egg from r/Berserk

The Behelits themselves are still a part of the franchise that made them famous, transforming human beings into demons, though they have definitely taken a backseat to the coming war that is being hinted at between Guts and Griffith. With Griffith having returned to Earth following the terrifying "Eclipse", he has begun building a new "Band of the Hawk" that not only incorporates some of the best mortal warriors that the world has ever seen, but also assembles some of the most terrifying demons of the world to boot! With an eventual conflict between the two former friends surely to take place, it will be interesting to see how the Behelits themselves come into play.


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