Berserk Exhibit Delayed Due To COVID-19

Berserk currently has no plans to return to the world of anime, and many fans were disappointed [...]

Berserk currently has no plans to return to the world of anime, and many fans were disappointed that the "New Beginning" announcement was in reference to a Japanese exhibit honoring the franchise rather than a new story, and it looks like more disappointment is on the way as the Exhibit has been delayed thanks to COVID-19! In a recent announcement, the exhibit stated that the tribute to Berserk would have to push back its opening thanks to the current state of emergency in Japan, caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

When a big announcement was hinted at for the franchise of Berserk late last year, many fans believed that we would finally receive a brand new anime series, but instead, it was revealed that the series created by Kentaro Miura would be getting its own exhibit in Japan that would highlight the long-running series. Having first being introduced in the pages of Young Animal decades ago in the 1980s, anime fans have been waiting for quite some time to see how the story of the Band of the Hawk will come to a close and if Guts will finally get revenge against his former best friend who had no problem sacrificing his comrades in Griffith!

One Twitter User shared the announcement that the Berserk Exhibition would be pushing back the opening of its doors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the Japanese government declaring a "state of emergency" with regards to the spreading of the virus:

While an announcement for a new anime series has yet to be revealed, fans of Berserk will get the next chapter of its manga later this month that will continue what might be the "end game" for the Black Swordsman Guts!

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