Berserk Updates Fans on Its Next Chapter Release

Berserk fans are a special breed, as they have been waiting to see the conclusion of the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the Band of the Hawk, and it seems as Kentaro Miura's dark fantasy tale has announced when the next manga chapter will be arriving for fans! In the last chapter of the manga, we bore witness to Guts learning more about the origins of the Berserker Armor from the mysterious Skull Knight, who said in a previous chapter that the Black Swordsman is currently entering into the long-awaited "end game" for his long, tragic journey.

Berserk arrived with an anime back in 2016, getting two seasons while attempting to tell the story of Guts following the horrific events that took place during the Eclipse. Though the anime created by Studio GEMBA was quite controversial, we do hope that we are able to see Berserk return to the small screen at some point considering the popularity of the franchise. Miura has yet to give us an idea for when exactly the series that has been running for decades will make its final curtain call, but it's clear that the clash between Guts and Griffith is far closer than it ever has been!

Twitter User Manga Mogura shared the revelation that the next chapter of Berserk's manga, Chapter 363, will be arriving later this month in the regularly released manga publication, Young Animal, on January 22nd which may focus more on the mysterious origin of Skull Knight and the Berserker Armor:

One of the biggest events that have taken place in the latest chapters of Berserk has been one that fans have been waiting for for quite some time, the return of Casca's mind. Since the Eclipse, Casca has been insane, acting as if she was a toddler and having to be protected by Guts every step of the way. With her memories returned, she is now struggling with the horrific events of the past that are now rattling around in her brain.

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