Berserk Exhibit Recreates The Armor of Griffith

Berserk recently released the final chapter of its manga series drawn by creator Kentaro Miura, with the mangaka tragically passing earlier this year due to heart failure, but to honor the prolific artist, the franchise created a new art exhibit in Japan that not only features his artwork, but entirely new creations for the story of the Band of the Hawk. One such creation happens to be the armor of Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk and antagonist of the franchise, with the Berserk Exhibit creating a pitch-perfect rendition of the warrior's armor in the real world.

Griffith, as fans of Berserk know, sacrificed the lives of his comrades and loved ones for power, having been tortured for years due to a devastating mistake on his part and losing the ability to walk, let alone lead his band of mercenaries into battle. With Griffith joining the terrifying Godhand as the deity known as Femto and returning to Earth in the pages of Berserk in order to accomplish his dream of ruling the world and having a castle of his own, fans of Berserk have been waiting for some time to see the villain pay for his crimes. While this may never happen with the loss of Miura, the story of Guts, Griffith, and Casca still resonates with anime fans around the world.

The Twitter Account for Kenshin Co shared this brand new, pitch-perfect recreation of the armor that Griffith wore throughout the Berserk series that is currently on display for the Berserk Exhibit, which is currently open in Japan but has no current plans to bring the Exhibit to North America:

The publishers of Kentaro Miura's manga, Young Animal, have yet to reveal whether or not the story of the black swordsman will continue without the creator, with many wondering if Miura's assistants will take over the series to give it an ending that fans have been waiting for. With Chapter 364 of the manga recently releasing in Japan, fans of the dark franchise took the opportunity to share their love of both the series and Miura himself online these past weeks. 


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