Berserk Creator Shares Major Story Details in Posthumous Interview

When it comes to manga creators, Kentaro Miura is in a league of his own. The late artist brought Berserk to life with horrifying grace, and his hand has made him a legend with aspiring artists. In the wake of Miura's death, many are looking ahead to see where his legacy goes, and a recent interview from the artist gives fans an idea of what his next big goals were.

The piece has hit Twitter thanks to fan-translators like Sandman AP. It was there summaries of Miura's chat with One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda went live. As it turns out, the Berserk creator was making a turn for the story's end when he passed, and he shared teases about what was to come.

According to the interview, Miura was 60-80% at the time of his death. The large margin could mean many things, but it seems to indicate Miura knew he had his endgame in sight. The only question remaining was whether any side quests were on the horizon.

As the interview continued, the artist said Guts needs to fight Griffith a handful more times. Until then, Miura said Berserk was on its way towards a new phase. The story would pit Guts against the Skull Knight, and the aside would bring the overall manga closer to its finale. Sadly, Miura passed away before these dreams could be realized, and his final chapter was released by Young Animal last week with assistance from his editors.

There is no word on whether Berserk is done for good at this point. Young Animal has told fans its plans for Berserk are not set in stone. For now, the series is on an indefinite hiatus that could end in cancellation. Still, Miura's family might want the artist's editors to finish out the grand story should they know about how the finale was planned. The mystery of Guts' future isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and fans want Miura to know how greatly they appreciate his work even after his death. 


If you are not caught up on Miura's work, Berserk is easy to get a hold of. The manga is published stateside by Dark Horse Comics, but stock has been low since Miura passed away earlier in the year. The legendary artist died in late May at the age of 54. Reports confirmed Miura passed away following a sudden health emergency

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