Berserk Fan Comes Across Anime Car In The Wild

Berserk is looking to make a big return later this month with the next chapter of its manga continuing the story of Guts as he apparently is moving into the "end game" of the series after so many decades, and one fan has managed to find an image from the franchise in one of the most unexpected places of all, on the side of a car! For decades, fans have been following the tragic tale of the Band of the Hawk, witnessing a story that has focused on betrayal and plenty of demon slaying along the way thanks in part to the "Black Swordsman".

Berserk has had a number of different anime interpretations to its name, originally receiving an anime series, followed by three feature length films, and then two seasons of a computer generated anime series that was received to some seriously mixed reviews. Though we have yet to hear any news about the story of Guts, Griffith, and Casca making its way back to television, there has been some interest from the creative minds behind the popular Netflix anime series of Castlevania. With said series being universally loved by fans, you'd be hard pressed to find a creative team better at adapting the dark anime fantasy.

Reddit User Tremontii was able to find this insanely detailed Berserk image on the side of a nearby car, showing off the fury of Guts as he swings his Dragon Slayer, along with the Berserker Armor that he eventually wears later on in the series that makes him more than a match for most demons he encounters:

YOOO from r/Berserk

The story of Guts is definitely one of the hardest to follow within the medium of anime, based on its subject matter and ability to dive into some of the darkest situations, and monsters, that the creative world has ever seen. The creator, Kentaro Miura, has made a name for both himself and the series by providing insanely detailed art that is lauded as some of the best in the universe of manga and it's definitely easy to understand why each chapter takes so long to arrive.

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