New Berserk Art Exhibit To Honor Kentaro Miura

The medium of anime suffered a great loss earlier this year when it was revealed that the mangaka [...]

The medium of anime suffered a great loss earlier this year when it was revealed that the mangaka behind the timeless classic Berserk, Kentaro Miura, had passed away, but an upcoming art exhibit has been announced that will honor the work of the artist in the East. While the future of the franchise is anyone's guess, many fans of the Band of the Hawk are hoping that the series will get another shot at the world of anime, with the latest iteration of Berserk receiving a lot of controversial opinions thanks in part to the reliance on computer-generated animation.

Kentaro Miura's passing made the latest chapter of Berserk's manga, Chapter 363, the potential last installment of the dark, sprawling series that struck a chord with so many fans thanks to its bloody subject matter and amazing artwork poured into each installment. First beginning in 1989, Miura had been spending decades intricately telling the story of Guts, Casca, and Griffith, as they attempted to achieve their dreams in a war-torn world wherein supernatural threats, had begun seeping into every crack and crevice. While we aren't sure what will be specifically featured in this new exhibit, the "Large Berserk Exhibition - Kentaro Miura's 32 Years Of Painting" will feature over 300 original manuscripts and pieces of art from the master mangaka.

The Official Twitter Account for Outlet Natalie Comic shared the news that the Art Exhibit arriving this fall would seek to honor the life of Miura as well as the detailed art that he had created in the pages of his dark franchise that remains a beloved piece of fiction within the medium:

The final chapter of Berserk, as we mentioned in a previous article, does work as something of a somber conclusion to the manga itself, as the Moonlight Boy returns to Guts on the last page of the installment and each character is given something of a conclusion. While Berserk may never continue, it's definitely worth reliving the amazing artwork and brutal story that was given to fans around the world.

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