Black Clover: Why the Show Will Likely Return One Day After Its Finale

Black Clover is in the headlines for all the right reasons, but fans can't help but worry about one bit of news regarding the anime. It was announced this week that Black Clover is coming to an end next month with its 170th episode. As you can imagine, the shocking update took netizens by surprise, but some fans aren't too upset by the news. After all, there is a good chance Black Clover will return to the small screen, and we are breaking down why.

For those who do not know, Black Clover's finale will go down on March 30, and it will likely cut the Spade Kingdom arc in half. Based on the show's pacing, the final episode will cut out during a lull in the arc so as to prevent any upsetting cliffhanger. The story itself will not be finished on screen, but that is because the manga itself is not finished with the Spade Kingdom arc.

Black Clover Spade Kingdom Anime Key Visual
(Photo: Shueisha)

The manga's pacing is what has pushed Black Clover to go off air, and that is why fans believe it will be brought back. The show has caught up with the story as it exists, but creator Yuki Tabata is still writing. In fact, the artist expects there to be lots more content to come, but it just isn't out yet. In order to give the manga more time to release content, the anime is going off air, but fans expect it will return once Tabata's manga has a few untouched arcs under its belt.

Of course, this will take time. Black Clover publishes weekly, so it will take awhile for Tabata to accrue unadapted arcs. It could take well over two years, but this timeline is not unheard of. Fairy Tail ran into this issue a couple of times with the first dating back to March 2013. The hit series caught up with the manga, and to prevent undue filler clutter, the anime went off air until it had more content to tackle. Given the popularity of Black Clover, fans are confident this series is eyeing such a schedule.

And yes, Black Clover is popular enough to float this indefinite hiatus. As of late November, the manga had 11 million copies out in circulation, and the anime has ranked atop TV Tokyo's ratings since its debut. Black Clover's strong performance with overseas streaming has also helped it turn a profit, so it seems there is a good chance Asta will return to television before 2025.


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