Black Clover Teases Asta's Devil's True Form

Black Clover is getting ready to wage war between the Clover and Spade kingdoms, and the newest chapter teased the true form of Asta's Devil. Ever since the series began, the Devil residing in Asta's grimmoire has been one of the key mysteries pushing Yuki Tabata's manga further. As Asta grows in his power and working relationship with his Devil, the series has also revealed more about the Devil itself. But as the Spade Kingdom arc is exploring the Devils more than ever, it seems the series is getting ready to show us more of Asta's Devil than ever.

With only two days left to prepare before Asta and the Magic Knights have to raid the Spade Kingdom to save Yami and Vangeance from the Dark Triad, Asta is now training with the Black Bulls' Vice Captain Nacht to better use his Devil's power. Part of that training is defeating his Devil in battle, and this surprisingly meant we got our first real look at his Devil.

Chapter 266 of the series sees Nacht explain that in order for Asta to better use his Devil and even take control of it, he must defeat it in a fight. Thus, Nacht begins Asta's training by summoning it to the human world and this is the first time Asta (and fans) get a full look at the Devil with him, and some of the shadows fade away revealing a demonic face underneath.

Black Clover Asta Devil True Form Tease
(Photo: Viz Media)

There are many things we still don't know about Asta's Devil such as its name, but we do know it's a Devil that doesn't associate (and is even antagonistic toward) with other Devils in the Underworld. But this first look at its true face is certainly frightening. What is also curious is whether or not this Devil resembles Asta. The hair style is slightly different, but it's not hard to see that Asta's Devil resembles his host even a little bit.

This could be a result of the summoning spell to bring the Devil to the real world, but this could very well our first look at the Devil's real face. But what do you think? Is this a peek at Asta's Devil's true face? Will this mean that we'll get the Devil's name soon? How do you think this fight will go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!