Black Clover Reveals Nero's Surprising Origin Story

Black Clover's latest arc has been the most intense in the series yet, and so much has been happening over the last few chapters than fans have even been thinking that the series could be building up to a climactic finale. Many of the biggest mysteries of the series have been revealed, and many questions about the past of the series are starting to be answered. The latest chapter of the manga is no exception as it sheds more light on a big Nero reveal.

The previous chapter of the series confirmed something about the anti-magic bird Nero that fans had been suspecting since it was introduced to the series, but the latest Black Clover explores "Nero's" surprising origin story and connection to the first Wizard King.

Major spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 204 below!

In the last chapter of the series, Nero was revealed to actually be a young girl who's been hiding for 500 years until she was able to gather the magic stones and revive the Wizard King into the statue standing above the Demon's Bones. In Chapter 204, the series flashes back to 500 years ago and reveals that "Nero's" real name is actually Secre. She was a noble, but was relegated to being a servant because her magic to "open and shut things" was considered useless.

She was dispatched to serve under a royal with considerable magic and talent, and this turns out to be the first Wizard King before he got his official title. He found her magic to be special, and wanted to utilize it in order to better develop magical items to help those not gifted in magic to use all sorts of spells. She was around when the Wizard King and Licht became friends, and watched as they prepared to join their families.

The Wizard King's relationship with Licht was previously revealed, but the twist here is that the one who kicked off the massacre of the Elves was actually the newly introduced villain Devil. He had separated the Wizard King and Licht long enough to take over Licht's body and turn him into the giant demon the Wizard King famously kills at the beginning of the series. So "Nero" isn't the only surprising transformation revealed to fans lately.

Yuki Tabata first created Black Clover for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2015. The popular series follows two young boys named Asta and Yuno who are growing up in a world where magic is everything. Asta, unfortunately, seems to have been born without magical powers while Yuno is a young prodigy whose magical powers rival that of the strongest magic users in the Clover Kingdom, the Magic Knights. The two young boys now strive to become the strongest wizard in the Clover Kingdom, The Wizard King. You can currently find the Japanese language version with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, and the English language dub can be seen on FunimationNow and Saturday evenings on Adult Swim's Toonami block.



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