Black Clover Will Return From Its Hiatus Shortly, Says New Report

Black Clover has been on a break for some time now, but fans have always known Asta would return to them eventually. Now, it seems like his comeback is just on the horizon. A new report has gone live suggesting Black Clover will return this month, and the source is none other than Shonen Jump…!

The update comes from Weekly Shonen Jump itself as the publication's app posted a little tease about Black Clover the other day. As you can see on Viz Media's website below, a banner was added about Tabata's title that confirmed a new chapter was on the horizon. If the report is right, Black Clover will put out its next chapter on July 31st.

At this time, Tabata has not addressed the report, and Shueisha has also kept quiet about the comeback. However, Viz Media still has the banner up, so fans are feeling optimistic that Asta really will make his return this month. And if you have kept up with Black Clover, you will it was always eyeing a return to form before August.

After all, the series went on hiatus in April 2022, and Tabata told fans he would resume work in three months. The artist was taking time off to prepare physically and mentally for Asta's final act. The Black Bull mage has plenty to do before Black Clover can end, you know? This means the only person busier than Asta will be Tabata himself, so you can hardly blame the artist for taking a little me time.

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If you are not caught up with Black Clover, you can do so through Viz Media or Manga Plus right now. The anime's first stint is also streaming on Crunchyroll for those curious, but the show is not on the air anymore. The series is expected to resume once Tabata has completed the Black Clover manga, but in the meantime, a movie is in the works to keep fans satiated.

What do you make of this latest report? Do you think it's about time Black Clover made a comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.