Bleach Cosplay Revisits One of Nel's Best Looks

Bleach is on the verge of a comeback these days as it was announced the franchise was eyeing an anime return this year. As fans await for the Thousand-Year Blood War arc to hit television, the community has rallied with cosplays and more. Of course, that means some fan-favorite heroes are getting some impressive takes online, and one cosplayer nailed their version of Nel on Instagram.

The user vanity_insanity_cosplay wowed Bleach fans online with their take on Nel this month. The cosplayer, who is known for their various anime looks, decided it was time to try the Arrancar out for size. And as you can see below, their cosplay is spot on.

The video imagines Nel in her adult form, so she is seen with a ram's skull on the top of her head. A long blue wig suits the headgear perfectly, and the fan completed the Bleach look with some intense face makeup.

As for the outfit, Nel's look is a simple one to pull off. The outfit consists of a two-piece skirt-top combo that is burnt around the edges. The sage green outfit is made exactly like the one in the anime. This fan is even sharing a tutorial on how she made Nel's skull on her own, so you will want to check that out for sure. After all, anime conventions will be back by 2022, and a Nel cosplay would be a great project to tackle in a post-pandemic world.

What do you think of this impressive take on Nel? Which Bleach character is your favorite to cosplay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.