Bleach Creator Celebrating Anime Comeback with Animal Crossing

If you have been stuck inside in quarantine as of late, you should know you aren't alone. There are millions of people sheltering in place due to the novel coronavirus and its ensuing pandemic. This means there are plenty at home playing video games in hopes of forgetting the ordeal surrounding them, and that is exactly what the creator of Bleach is doing nowadays.

That is, besides working on his upcoming manga and anime. It wasn't long ago Tite Kubo confirmed Bleach is making a comeback after Burn The Witch gets an anime adaptation, but the artist is making sure he fits Animal Crossing into his schedule.

Recently, Kubo shared his love for the Nintendo title when he posted his first statement about Bleach and its comeback. It was there the artist gave fans an update on both of his newly announced titles, and he said this news would break well after he went into an Animal Crossing frenzy (via WSJ_Manga).

"I think it will be [an] interesting and overall a good work. By the way, I have finished the manuscript," Kubo said about his work on Burn The Witch before he added: "By the time you read the series, I'll be playing Animal Crossing, and so I'm looking forward to play it with everyone."

So there you go! If you happen to know what Kudo's friend code is, please let him know his fans would love to visit his island. If he happens to have peaches in his town, that would be all the sweeter for the millions of fans who adore his work!


Of course, you cannot blame Kubo for taking a break to play Animal Crossing given his schedule and the current pandemic. Life would be stressful enough with all these big-time projects in the work, and the novel coronavirus has only made things worse. And if Animal Crossing can keep Kubo calm, it can certainly bide time for fans who are all waiting for the artist's anime series to debut.

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