Bleach Creator Reveals One Detail He Wouldn't Cut From the Anime

Bleach's creator has a big request when it came to the recent terrifying battle in the Blood War.

Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War has taken things up a notch with its second course, "The Separation". While Studio Pierrot has been hard at work when it comes to the latest adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki and the Soul Society, the creator of the shonen series, Tite Kubo, has taken the opportunity to share his thoughts with the animators. In the anime adaptation's latest episode, there was one specific scene where Kubo put his foot down and made sure that the manga was followed to a tee on the small screen.

Of the many members of the Wandenreich, perhaps none were more terrifying than As Nodt, the masked swordsman who had stolen Byakuya's Bankai and was attempting to kill his little sister Rukia. While the Sternritter fighter wasn't able to rely on Byakuya's power in the recent episode, he unleashed his power that seems more likely to appear in a hardcore horror movie than the journey of the Soul Society. Designated as "F", aka "The Fear", Nodt's power was almost too much for Rukia to handle, but luckily, Ichigo's ally received a major assist from her brother that helped turn the tide. As Nodt was killed during the latest Bleach episode, a major threat to Soul Society has passed.

Bleach: Tite Kubo Puts His Foot Down

As Kubo states in a recent blurb, Pierrot had initially thought of cutting some of As Nodt's longer lines about fear, which helped in not just showing the current state of the villain but also hinting at his past from a hospital bed, clinging to life. Bleach's creator took the opportunity to insist that the lines remain in the anime adaptation, even though they were initially cut as they would examine Nodt's character further. Stating such lines as "I wonder if heaven is a place where it's easy to breathe?", Nodt clearly made quite a change when he became a member of Yhwach's forces.

(Photo: Pierrot)

While one of the scarier members of the Sternritter is now deceased, there are plenty more threats that are under Yhwach's command, not even including the mastermind behind the Wandenreich. Despite their recent power boosts, Ichigo and company still have some rough waters ahead of them.

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