Bleach Star Explains Why Uryu is Unique in New Anime

Bleach is coming back to anime with the Thousand-Year Blood War arc later this year, and one of the stars behind the new anime series is opening up about what makes Uryu Ishida such a unique presence in the series overall. Fans have been asking to see the anime taking on the final arc of the series ever since the original run was cut off before Tite Kubo's manga series came to an end. It's still so surreal to see that the series is truly coming back for a full adaptation of that final arc, and that means the anime will be showcasing some of the most memorable scenes from the series overall.

The team behind Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War shared new details about the anime's production with Viz Media earlier this Summer, and Noriaki Sugiyama, the star returning to voice Uryu in the new anime series, not only revealed his reaction to returning but opened up about how he feels about Uryu as a character overall. Uryu has quite the unique role to play in the Thousand-Year Blood War, but Sugiyama has always been more drawn to the fact that while Uryu is serious there is still time for him to have more light hearted and comedic moments. 

(Photo: Viz Media)

"He's a very serious and good-hearted young man," Sugiyama responded when asked to describe how he feels about Uryu. "But there are moments should I put it? He exchanges silly banter with Ichigo and the other characters. Bleach has always had this fun and light-hearted sense of humor, and I think Uryu is one of the characters who contribute to that comedy." But while Sugiyama enjoys Uryu's more comedic moments in the series despite his serious nature, the star is also teasing that things will be much different for this new anime.

"With that being said, many scenes in Thousand-Year Blood War will be dead serious," Sugiyama continued. "So besides all the cool, exhilarating parts of Bleach, I'm hoping the other cast members and I can deliver those fun aspects as we breathe life into our characters." Fans who have already read the manga know just how integral Uryu is to the Thousand-Year Blood War arc as a whole, and it seems like Sugiyama is teasing just how much of that is coming Uryu's way in the future

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