Boruto Stuns with One of Its Goriest Kills Yet

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime is usually known for being on the more kid-friendly side of things when compared to the manga, but the anime's latest episode certainly flipped the script, with a brutal kill that definitely caught a lot of fans off guard! (SPOILERS) Omoi and his team finally cross paths with Deepa, one of the Kara organization's "Inners," and learns first-hand just how deadly and sadistic Kara's agents really are. Deepa uses a horrific interrogation technique to learn where the first Hokage's "Hashirama Cell" is located. That interrogation leads to Deepa gruesomely slaughtering Omoi's team, right in front of his eyes!

Warning - Boruto anime SPOILERS follow!

Omoi's team was dispatched by his master the Fifth Raikage, Darui, to helpKonohagakure track down the stolen Hashirama Cell. The search led Omoi's team (Marui and Kakui) to track down Konoha-nin, and nearly trade blades with Konohamaru. However, when Omoi's team joined Hidden Leaf to track down the real culprits, they got split up, and Omoi's team ended up being ambushed by Deepa.

Omoi's team put up a fight, by Kara's enhancement of its agents proves too advanced for even experienced shinobi to contend with. Deepa defeats Marui and Kakui with ease and is even able to take down Omoi. Deepa tries to get Omoi to talk, but Omoi is too strong in his shinobi beliefs to spill anything; unfortunately, Marui and Kakui are not nearly as stalwart.

Boruto Anime 164 Spoilers Deepa Kills Omoi Team
(Photo: Viz Media)

Deepa offers to spare Omoi's life if Marui and Kakui give up the whereabouts of the Hashirama Cell. When the two shinobi warriors oblige and confess that the Land of Haze is responsible, they find out that Deepa is a man of his word. Deepa indeed lets Omoi live, but doesn't treat Marui and Kakui nearly as mercilessly. Before the two shinobi even know that eath has arrived, Deepa punches a hole through the midsection of each man. Omoi is left crawling through the dirt, calling for his fallen comrades as Deepa hastily races toward the Land of Haze.

As stated, this type of gory kill/death is somewhat uncommon for the Boruto anime. The manga has been a darker and more serious experience in general - and especially as the Kara Arc has begun. Is this a sign that the Boruto anime is going to quickly mature as well? It would be in the tradition of what Naruto: Shippudenwas to the original more kid-friendly Naruto anime...