Boruto Promo Teases a Climatic Battle for Hashirama's Cells

In the pages of the manga, Boruto and the rest of the ninja of Konoha are battling against the Kara Organization with the fight amplifying with each passing installment, but the anime is still laying the ground work for the big battle and a preview for the next episode hints that the struggle for "Hashirama's Cells" is about to conclude. With the first Hokage's biological makeup making the rounds on the black market of the ninja world, Team 7 has been attempting to make sure that the cells aren't used for nefarious purposes and that the legacy of the first remains strong.

In the last episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Team 7 continued to be accompanied by the friend of Konohamaru in Mugino, and while they were attempting to cease the use of the first Hokage's cells, it seems as if they are going to have their first big encounter with Kara. Deepa, an original creation of the anime who has been added to the series as a representative of Kara, will seemingly be having a big confrontation with Boruto and his friends before the current arc comes to an end. While this arc might be unique to the anime, it's clear that it's "full steam ahead" when it comes to bringing the war between Kara and Konoha to the forefront.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the preview for the upcoming 164th episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which details that Team 7 will be putting their best feet forward in a bid to stop the power of the first Hokage from ending up in the wrong hands:

Bringing back the dead isn't anything new to the world of Naruto, with the Fourth World War revolving around deceased heroes and villains being used against their will by the Akatsuki in attempting to remake the world for the nefarious groups' own purposes. While this latest act isn't bringing back the first Hokage completely, it is definitely going a long way in disrespecting his memory, setting up parallels between Kara and the Akatsuki!

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