Boruto Promo Sets Up a Kage Summit and Kawaki Turnaround

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has dropped a new promo that's teasing a major Naruto Kage summit, as well as a big turnaround for Kawaki, the Kara "vessel" that Boruto and Team 7 are now bringing back to Hidden Leaf. The promo teases the storyline for the upcoming Boruto episode 193, which is titled "Cohabitation". As the title implies, clearly Boruto and Team 7 make it back to Hidden Leaf with Kawaki in tow, but there will have to be a much larger debate and a decision within the top powers of the shinobi world about what should actually be done with Kawaki, in the larger sense.

Here's the synopsis leak for Boruto episode 193 (via @Nite_Baron), which will air/stream in April:

Title: "Cohabitation"

Kawaki is a mysterious boy who has a mark called "Karma" on his palm and is called the "Vessel" by Kara. The 5 kage discuss how to deal with him. Kawaki's supervision is officially entrusted to Konoha, directly to the 7th hokage, Naruto. Naruto takes Kawaki home, but he doesn't open up to him, and wouldn't even say his name. In addition, Kawaki come face to face with Boruto, but after a dispute the atmosphere between them further intensifies.

The current episode of Boruto, "Resonance" wowed fans with its Kawaki battle against Kara enforcer Garou. The action and animation were next level, revealing just how advanced Kara's warriors are, with their scientific ninja tool cybernetic enhancements. Kawaki's upgrades are truly revolutionary: his entire body is one big scientific ninja tool, down to a cellular level.

If that wasn't enough, Kawaki's reveals that his Karma seal is capable of more power than any shinobi or cyborg we've ever seen. Just when it looks like Garou has beaten Kawaki within an inch of his life, the Karma activates and Kawaki murders Garou in the goriest and most savage kill Boruto has seen yet. Naruto and the Five Kage truly have to decide if they can take this level of threat under their roof - because Kara is definitely coming for him. And if Boruto and Kawwaki's relationship deteriorates... Well, the series flash-forward opening already showed us just how bad that can get.

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