Boruto Anime Introduces the Members of Kara

Boruto has kept busy these days with its Mujina Bandits arc, but the anime is ready to take on new challenges. This weekend marked the end of the fan-favorite arc, and a new opening has teased fans with what is to come. After all, the members of Kara have been shown for the first time, and manga readers are going nuts over the special nod.

The most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live earlier today, and it was there fans saw the Kara gang for the first time on screen. The Mujina Bandits arc was slated to reference the organization after it spent years in the dark, so this opening wanted to cue fans for what was to come.

As you can see below, Boruto fans have plenty to say about the characters. The opening gave a very clear look at Jigen who is the leader of Kara. Manga readers were surprised by the ninja's plain appearance as well as his tan skin as the manga is in black-and-white, of course.

The opening also gives a shadowed peek at Delta, one of the only female members we've met in Kara. The elite member is wearing a hood in this anime tease, but fans can clearly make out her striped bottoms and blue top. And as the opening goes on, fans are teased with Boro and Amado who are key figures in the organization these days.

The most interesting tease comes with Kashin Koji as a lot of focus has been put on him. The character seems to have secret ties to the Hidden Leaf Village given his registered chakra and ability to summon toads. Now, fans are eager to see how the anime covers Kashin until his true alliance is revealed in the manga.


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