Boruto Reveals Naruto's Desperate New Goal

When it comes to Naruto, there is no doubt the boy has a mission in mind. Back in his youth, the boy was determined to become the strongest ninja and be recognized by his villagers as Hokage. By the time Boruto came around, the boy had grown into a man who accomplished that goal, and he's been left adrift without something to focus on. But thanks to a recent update, it seems like Naruto has a fire set underneath him now thanks to a new goal of his.

The update came with the most recent chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It was there fans watched as Naruto and his advisors learn more about Kara and the Otsutsuki clan. While Kashin Koji fought Jigen to the death, it was Amado who told the Hidden Leaf Village all his secrets, and one of those secrets let Naruto in on his new goal. After all, his son will die if he doesn't do anything.

According to Amado, Boruto has also begun the process of being assimilated since he was given Karma by Momoshiki during their final battle. The Otsutsiki gave the boy the mark which has given him on-and-off powers. Up until now, nobody knew what the seal did, but Amado confirms Karma is a tool which the Otsutsuki Clan uses for revival.

Naruto Boruto Father Son Ramen
(Photo: Pierrot)

"As far as I know, there isn't a way [to save him]. Although you could probably prevent Momoshiki's rebirth if you killed Boruto right now," Amado shares.

Of course, Naruto is none too happy about that answer. The Hokage balks at the explanation and demands to know the way to save his son.

"Are you kidding me?!! How can we save him? How. Do you block the process?!"


With no answer in their repertoire, it looks like Naruto has a new goal in mind and that is to save his son. Both Boruto and Kawaki have been given Karma which puts them in great danger. Now, it falls to Naruto to save them both, and there's no denying he has a vested interest in keeping Boruto alive.

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