Boruto Announces New Ending Theme Details

It looks like a new single is ready to debut under Boruto soon! The newest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed the big news over the weekend. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is getting a new theme song, and this ending single will debut next month.

According to the magazine, the single "Central" will debut with Boruto sometime next month. No exact release date has been announced for the track, but fans are eager to check it out.

Little is known about the track asides from its performer. Ami Sakaguchi will be tasked with singing the song, and this is not the first anime she has worked on. She is best known for her track on Smile Down the Runway.

Boruto Kara Introduction New Episode Titles
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As for what this theme song signals, fans believe the anime is ready to head into a new arc. The show has promised fans for weeks now that the Kara arc is on its way. Boruto did live up to the promise as it is currently toeing into the storyline. The only issue is that the arc began with an anime original arc... which only got good this past weekend.

With a new theme song on the way, fans of Boruto are intrigued to see where the show goes next. The sequel still has a lot left to do to impress fans who bailed on Naruto's son months ago. The anime did run into a snag earlier this year when the ongoing pandemic forced Boruto to go on a hiatus. The anime returned after being off the air for two months, and it has been wading into its Kara arc ever since.


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