Boruto Introduces the Chakra Lightsaber in New Episode

Boruto Uzumaki may not have the best history with Scientific Ninja Tools, but he has grown a [...]

Boruto Uzumaki may not have the best history with Scientific Ninja Tools, but he has grown a recent appreciation for the field. After nearly losing his title thanks over such a tool, Naruto's son rebelled against tech in most ways until as of late. A mission is helping Boruto see a different side of the argument at last, and it turns out the thing that convinced him to give science a second chance was a lightsaber.

Okay... not an actual lightsaber a la Star Wars. This sword is a different breed entirely. The so-called lightsaber happens to be an experimental Chakra Sword that looks just like the weapons wielded by the Jedi.

As you can see above, the weapon should look familiar if you have seen Star Wars. The update saw Boruto test out an array of ninja tools after he brought Katasuke back to his laboratory. Boruto was hesitant to try anything at first given his past, but by the episode's end, the boy was enamored with the tools before him. And when he fought the chakra blade, everything fell together.

This sword uses its wielder's chakra pool as an energy source, so the blade of this tool is made entirely from chakra. It stands to reason that elemental chakra could be filtered through the tool to make different blades, but the item is still a prototype. It uses too much chakra to be viable in the field, so the blade isn't quite like the lightsabers many of us grew up with. There are no kyber crystals backing up these blades, but if Boruto builds up his chakra reserves, he could use this sword more regularly in battle one day.

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