Naruto Cliffhanger Teases Shikamaru's Riskiest Plan Yet

Today, the most recent chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live, and it has set up a major problem for Shikamaru. You might think the hero would be used to getting in tight spots, but right now, fans are sure the Nara leader has never faced odds like he is now. After all, Shikamaru just made his riskiest gamble ever, and he did so with the Hidden Leaf's biggest threat these days.

The situation unfolded quite dramatically when the manga released chapter 69. Fans checked in on Shikamaru as he and Amado were held captive by Eida and Code as expected. However, the girl's powers ended up overpowering the Hidden Leaf heroes by the end of their face-off. This is what forced Shikamaru's hand, and the chapter ended with the hero waging a bet with Eida.

"Eida, I have a proposition for you," he notes. "Won't you come over to Konoha? Think about it. I believe we can mutually aid each other, and afterward, you can tell Kawaki how you feel or whatever else you want."

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The gamble offered here is a complicated one, and obviously, it is insanely risky. Eida is an absolute wild card to the Hidden Leaf, and Amado has made his fear of the girl clear. An alliance with Eida could spell disaster for Shikamaru, and it is hard to believe her crush on Kawaki would prompt her to work with the Hidden Leaf.

It is hard to see what good this proposal does in the long run, but if Naruto fans know one thing, it is that Shikamaru is a genius. The ninja would not have made this big of a gamble without there being a reward just out of reach. Whether it results in an alliance or buys Shikamaru time, this big bet is going to bubble over soon, and fans will have to wait until May to see how it plays out.

How do you think this plan will work out for Shikamaru? Do you think Naruto might have plans to off the hero? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.