Boruto: A Big Death Ends with a Warning for Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki has dealt with his share of grief in life, so fans hoped his life as the Hokage [...]

Naruto Uzumaki has dealt with his share of grief in life, so fans hoped his life as the Hokage would be fairly simple. The boy worked tirelessly to make his dream come true, and there was never any doubt Naruto would give his life to defend the village if need be. In fact, that is why the Hokage almost just died in the manga, and his savior has issued a dire warning to Naruto before passing on themselves.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 55. Proceed carefully!

For those who are caught up with the manga now, you might be in shock over the death. No one expected Kurama to give his life for Naruto, but that is what happened. The Tailed Beast lied when he said the formidable Baryon mode would kill Naruto; The move was only lethal to the beast, and Naruto is left stunned by the big reveal.

As Kurama prepares to pass on, he is able to share some final words with his host. Despite the rocky start to their bond, Naruto and Kurama have become close friends by now. The Tailed Beast might not admit it freely, but Naruto is one of his closest companions, and he makes those feelings known with his final words.

"I guess this is it. I've got to go, but be real careful. You ain't gonna have superhuman strength anymore. So if you overdo it, you'll end up joining me in no time. Until that day comes, you be well Naruto."

As you can see, Kurama spent his final moments with Naruto reminding the ninja of an important fact. The Hokage is going to be without a Tailed Beast from now on, and that isn't something Naruto has experienced. He may have lost Kurama for a brief moment back during the Great Ninja War, but the Tailed Beast is gone for good now. Naruto is going to have to reassess his battle style in just about every way now, and it has yet to be seen how badly this loss has nerfed the Hokage.

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