Boruto Will Reportedly Debut a New Opening Theme Soon

Boruto has been edging towards its next finale for weeks now, and it seems the anime is ready to bring its current arc to a close. With Deepa and Victor cornered, there has never been a better time for Team 7 to take out the Kara members, and their deaths will make way for a new arc. And if a new report is correct, that means a new opening theme is on its way.

According to a recent report, it sounds like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is prepared to drop its next opening. The information surfaced on social media in tandem with rumored leaks from this week's issue of Shonen Jump. So far, no official word has been given, but fans are hoping the report will be confirmed once the magazine hits shelves this week.

boruto rasengan
(Photo: Pierrot)

If the information is good, then Boruto will debut its eighth opening shortly. The new theme will be performed by Ikimonogakari, a popular band based in Japan. This is not the first time the group has performed music for the franchise; Back in Naruto: Shippuden, its third opening "Blue Bird" was performed by Ikimonogakari, and the track is still a favorite with fans.

There is no telling what kind of track the band will bring to Boruto, but fans are sure they know what arc the group will usher in. After all, it is about time the anime took on the Ao arc. The story is a turning point in the manga as it brings about major revelations for Kara and Kawaii. So if you are ready for the anime to cover those points, it should happen soon enough. The anime promised some time ago that Kara was nearing its official debut, and the Ao arc kicks off their introduction And if we are being honest, there are few bands better suited to welcoming this pivotal arc than Ikimonogakari.


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