Boruto Hypes Its Next Missions with a Brand-New Trailer

The world of Boruto has been shaken up in both its anime and its manga recently, with the television series recently ending a new round of the Chunin Exams and the manga continuing the battle against the Kara Organization. While this year's Jump Festa didn't reveal too many bombshells within the Shonen series, a new trailer has landed that hints at the future of the anime series, which is taking the opportunity to explore new territory that wasn't covered in the manga.   

Unlike some of its brethren in the world of Weekly Shonen Jump like Dragon Ball and One Piece, the Naruto franchise hasn't announced a new movie but is continuing to unleash new episodes of its series on an almost weekly basis. With the Chunin Exams seeing some major changes to the Hidden Leaf Village, including giving Sarada Uchiha a big promotion, the series is now exploring the latest addition to the Uzumaki family as Kawaki attempts to become an official ninja of Konoha, which is something that has yet to take place in the pages of Masashi Kishimoto's manga.

Viz Media shared the new trailer for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which mostly uses old footage from the recent storylines of the anime series, but gives a big hint at the end that Code might be on the way in the television series, as the manga has focused on the fight between the new leader of Kara and the ninjas of Konoha:

The latest chapter of the manga saw some major developments in the world of Konoha, and without diving too deeply into spoiler territory, it might be setting the stage for a major, fan-favorite character in the Shonen franchise to bite the bullet. With Masashi Kishimoto returning as a writer on the manga, the mangaka has had no problem in killing characters, including the villainous Jigen as well as the Nine-Tailed Fox that has been a part of the Naruto franchise since the beginning. 

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