'Boruto' To Set Up A Brand-New Mizukage

Fans are only 27 episodes into the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series, however, a replacement for the new Mizukage in Chojuro has already been found. Step in Kagura, a talented Hidden Mist ninja who was only recently introduced as the Konoha students traveled to the village formerly known as “The Bloody Mist” on a field trip.

(Photo: Pierrot Studios)

According to Chojuro, he wants this young boy to be the next Mizukage when he steps down and also to be in charge of the Legendary Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Fans haven’t seen much from Kagura just yet, with the young shinobi looking as if he has been traumatized by something in his past.

Kagura might be talented but at the moment he lacks confidence, which is something all shinobi need. Kagura feels as if he isn’t suited for the role as Mizukage, which could be because he is potentially related to Yagura. Yagura was the 4th Mizukage and was also the man who made the Hidden Mist village the hellhole it once was, with bloodshed being a daily occurrence.

It hasn’t been confirmed in the anime whether or not Kagura and Yagura are actually related, however, the two look quite similar and so fan believe that this explains his guilt for the Mist’s past as well. Now that Denki has been kidnapped, fans will get to see the true strength of Kagura, as he will help the Konoha students in getting back their friend safely.

(Photo: Pierrot Studios)

You can check out the synopsis for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations below:

“The village of Konoha has managed to change, modernized next to an era of peace. Raising high constructions, large computer monitors of transmission of images (televisions last generation), divisions and divisions (streets) connected to run (to mobilize) electric cars, The way to live in the ninja era has changed ...