Burn the Witch to Release First Chapter This Weekend

Burn the Witch is one of the most anticipated manga coming out this year, and it comes as no surprise why. The short series will be helmed by Tite Kubo, the creator behind Bleach. The artist published a one-shot for the series last year, and in a matter of days, fans will be treated to its first real chapter.

Over on Twitter, the official account for Shonen Jump confirmed the publication of Burn the Witch will begin this coming weekend. The first chapter will go live in America on Sunday, and fans will be able to read it digitally through Viz Media.

"The four-chapter Burn the Witch limited series starts this Sunday! Don't miss the new manga from Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach! Read it free from the official source," the post reads.

As you can imagine, fans are thrilled about the impending release, and they want to see how Burn the Witch fares as a limited series. Reports have confirmed the manga will only run for four chapters, but that is enough to seed a larger story. After all, each chapter is said to be exceptionally long, and fans will readily admit they have missed Kubo's artwork.

If you want to know more about Burn the Witch, you can read its current one-shot through Viz Media. A synopsis provided by Anime News Network can be read below:


"The chapter centers on Noel Niihashi and Nini Spangle, who work as witches at the Wing Bird headquarters in Reverse London's Natural Dragon Management Agency. Those who live in Reverse London are able to see supernatural creatures such as dragons. Noel and Nini work to help promote coexistence between these creatures and humans, but sometimes must undergo missions to exterminate evil creatures."

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