Cells at Work to Release Special COVID Chapters for Free

The world of entertainment has found itself hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, with countless projects needing to be delayed or canceled in the face of COVID-19, and as countries still attempt to "flatten the curve", the anime franchise of Cells At Work has revealed new chapters for free documenting the characters' battle against the virus. Following the story of blood cells that work in unison within the human body to battle against illnesses and other threats to their host, Cells At Work is perhaps the anime series best suited to tackle the issue of COVID.

Cells At Work, like so many other anime franchises, found itself needing to delay episodes of its anime in the face of COVID-19, with the second season originally set to land last year but needing to be released earlier in 2021 as a result of the effects of the virus. Though there has been no news about a potential third season being released for the bizarre franchise, it would definitely be no surprise to see Cells At Work return to television screens considering the following it has accrued since it first debuted in 2015 as a manga.

The Official Twitter Account for Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor, And Welfare shared the free chapters of Cells At Work which not only features the characters of the anime franchise battling the virus, but also gives readers a number of tips in terms of how they too can prevent the spread of the coronavirus:


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